Forethought, Refreshed

For the past 13 years, Forethought has been providing communication solutions to over 48 different clients. All from different industries. Each on its own path to progress. One thing is clear—we have all evolved (ourselves included).

At our core, we’re still the same, but our focus has deepened. Our vision has expanded. Therefore, the timing felt right to revisit our brand. So, we did what we do with all our clients; we had a MAGIC session with our team and came away with a better understanding about our organization and a whole new look and feel.

New logo: Thoughtful and Magical

We retired our pinwheel but kept the idea of five “flags” to represent each of our MAGIC workshops. Each marker has been thoughtfully integrated into the font, with a fresh color palette against an edgy gray.

New tagline: Brand Into Alignment

Our new tagline captures our essence in action. Let’s break it down…

Brand verb

  1. To shape an organization’s identity in a way that creates perception

Into preposition

  1. Reflects a change in state

Alignment noun

  1. The ultimate goal, when everything lines up

The ultimate goal, when everything lines up

New website: Constant Motion

Our new website checks all the boxes. A modern, clean design. A snapshot of who we (really) are. A warm and friendly feel with a touch of playfulness.

We love our new look and had fun bringing it to life! Let us know what you think.