Listen to Your Gut – Especially in Business

I have always kept myself relatively informed of the news. While I have never let it rule my days, the first week of March 2020 I heard something that really struck a chord in me and my gut said to get ready. And I always listen to my gut, especially in business.

As the virus began to make its way across our country, I felt the soft ripple of what was to come and I began to consider what may happen, primarily quarantine. Of course, I first thought of my family and household and then immediately my business.

Since its inception 11 years ago, Forethought has always been remote. Using an online project management platform, email, virtual meetings and, of course, the phone, we have made working outside of a traditional office setting work. We have even serviced clients located in other parts of the country without ever meeting face-to-face. So, I knew we were completely prepared to continue functioning without a glitch should the inevitable happen.

Next – my team. There were so many unanswered questions that needed to be accounted for: Would we have enough continuous revenue to adequately provide for them? How many of our clients would need to close? How many would need to pause projects indefinitely? What would our revenue stream look like?

These were the questions I had no way to answer, however, I could definitely prepare.

And prepare I did. I came up with an idea, rallied the team, put together a campaign for our agency and put my money where my mouth is. I started advertising immediately, March 25th to be exact. Here’s the funny part, putting a campaign together for our company was something I have always wanted to do but never felt I had a real incentive.

Less than a month in, the campaign has had over 153,683 impressions, 410 clicks and 52 leads. We are beginning to schedule virtual meetings with potential clients and I am confident we will begin to see new clients in the coming weeks.

But, you know what? Even if we don’t hit our goal, or even get one new client, I finally ran a campaign I have been thinking about for over three years. It has been an exciting project and a great way for the team to come together and create something beautiful for our own organization. It boosted our morale at a time when we needed it most and that felt good.

I’m really glad I listened to my gut, it has never let me down.