Recipe Refresh

Emotional and important events take root deeply in our memory. As a child, Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday and my memories include a beautifully set table, Grandma Alice’s stuffing, football and the love of family. The turkey was always oven-roasted, the yams were candied and apple pie was a staple. It meant a lot to me that my family ensured that each year our Thanksgiving was wonderful. 

But, what if we smoked the turkey? How different would it be if we added some sausage to the stuffing or we play Heads Up instead of watch football? Just two years ago, the events in the world forced many of us to make all sorts of dramatic changes. And while change may feel difficult, it allows us to move forward in life and experience new things.

Like a new dish on the table, a new brand provides intrigue and excitement. Updating a brand involves an exploration of what the organization is made of and how to delight its guests. The updated Forethought brand is rooted in our core values, strong focus, and amazing team — ingredients for business success. And, we could not be successful without you. This Thanksgiving, we wish you the warm tradition of family love and a new, exciting experience, perhaps it’s a new guest, a game, or a new dish.

Grandma Alice with her beautiful table.

From our family to yours, 

Happy Thanksgiving!