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Every brand wants to be known; we want you to be understood. Branding into alignment begins by getting everyone on the same page. We bring your identity and your goals into full focus. When everything lines up, your customers will understand exactly what you do—and why.

For a message to resonate, it needs to feel real and relevant. Your brand voice is an expression of your company’s unique personality. When you stay true to your core values, your marketing efforts get amplified. Your customer engagement becomes more meaningful.


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Our Process is Pure MAGIC

MAGIC Sessions™ — Marketing Alignment Goal Implementing Collaboration—is about positioning with purpose and getting stronger results. These interactive on-site sessions provide valuable insights. Our team then takes a thoughtful, proprietary approach to develop a robust marketing plan and all of its creative components.

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      Have you recently started a new business, department or program?


      Has there been a change in leadership, vision or values?

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      Has your organization recently added new services or expanded its workforce?


      Do you feel your existing branding is outdated or no longer aligns with your vision?


    Making meaningful progress

    since 2009

    Forethought is a forward-thinking marketing agency that provides communication solutions to encourage progress.

    Meaningful progress is the goal, the kind that spurs ongoing satisfaction through small wins each day. It’s about growing a memorable brand with lasting power—and having the forethought to bring it all to life.

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    Mike Johnson

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    Your voice, heard.

    We conduct MAGIC Sessions™ to align leadership.


    Your projects, organized.

    We provide regular updates to keep projects on track.


    Your budget,

    We provide tailor-made compensation agreements.

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    Forethought Marketing can help you achieve extraordinary results by tapping into authenticity and branding into alignment.

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