Spring 2020: Hell of a Learning Experience

Niche, niche, niche! This has always been my guiding force in…

Navigating Uncharted Waters

"We are all in the same boat” – a term I am sure we have all heard many times as of late. We all know that it means, sharing a particular experience or circumstance with someone else.

Listen to Your Gut – Especially in Business

I have always kept myself relatively informed of the news. While I have never let it rule my days, the first week of March 2020 I heard something that really struck a chord in me and my gut said to get ready.

Forethought. What’s in the name?

fore · thought /ˈfôrˌTHôt/ noun 1. Careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future. I have always had an uncanny ability to see situations from various points of view (and yes, I do love sudoku).

Authenticity is My Most Non-Negotiable Core Value and that's Why I Love Halloween

Every year, I look forward to expressing my creativity without limits, and I pretend to become something else, just for fun. Halloween – an excuse to eat a lot of candy and just have fun – how can that go wrong?