• Alignment & Authenticity

    Our story begins with an inkling—and an elephant. After years of building brands for our clients, we became curious about our process. What makes a company memorable? Inspired by this graceful giant, whose memory is essential to survival, Forethought MAGIC was born.

MAGIC—Marketing Alignment Goal Implementing Collaboration—is about positioning with purpose and getting stronger results. By tapping into authenticity, we create brands that are real and relevant. Brands worth remembering.

As for the elephant, no other creature is better aligned, balancing between mighty strength and gentle compassion. That’s where the magic lies.

The Wisdom Within The Magic

Forethought MAGIC is a series of sessions designed to align the vision with the execution. These engaging, interactive on-site sessions provide valuable insights, which we then use to create a customized, multi-tiered marketing plan and its components.

Here’s how it works. The entire series consists of five sessions. Designed to build upon each other, and implemented over the course of 20 weeks, the sessions are most effective when taken as a series. You’ll not only gain a more thorough, holistic perspective, but also receive a tailored marketing plan and up to 50 fundamental elements including print, collateral, digital campaign, and more.

the how is in the herd

Our magic happens in the form of workshops, but we don’t do it alone. We bring in the herd, inviting the client team to participate at every stage. We ask all the right questions, sparking new ideas along the way. Together, we get down to the core and determine who and what the plan is—and isn’t.

The goal of each session is to unite all departments in an organization regarding position, strategy, brand, implementation, and tracking. Once everyone is on the same page, Forethought is armed with the tools needed to map out a sustainable strategy and put the ideas into action. Our team then takes a thoughtful, proprietary approach to develop each factor of a robust marketing plan and develop the necessary creative components.

As subtle as an elephant

While on safari in South Africa, Forethought Founder and CEO Suzanne Sarsfield Scarano felt a deep reverence and respect for the elephants. Their gentle manner belies their massive size, and it is their nature that defines the impression they make.

A 22-year veteran of the marketing industry, Suzanne realized the traditional methods of advertising and marketing had become routine. The time had come for an inspired new practice.

Out on that South African savanna, a seed was planted, fertile with possibility. Suzanne soon began to expand her popular Discovery Session into a series of five Marketing Alignment Goal Implementing Collaboration workshops—MAGIC sessions. The elephant had inspired her to evolve, persevere, and become memorable.

“As I watched these graceful giants in awe, I realized that for a company to have a powerful presence, there must be a balance between gentle flow and firm foundation. Forethought reveals a company’s core values, establishes a platform, and reflects the brand in every graceful movement. To be able to do this, well, that’s MAGIC.

SuzanneFounder and CEO

Searching for Your Elephant

Do you seek that gentle, tenacious push to propel your organization forward? Forethought MAGIC is designed to develop brands, establish communication strategies, develop value propositions, identify how to effectively implement campaigns, and provide tracking mechanisms—while having plenty of fun in the process.

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Giving Back—Before They’re Gone

Did you know that 65% of forest elephants have vanished due to poaching since 2002? Forethought donates 5% of all annual profit to the Wildlife Conservation Society to help save the elephants and put an end to the ivory trade.

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